Monday, August 30, 2010

Why we should save endangered species

 I thinks we should help save the endangered species because all aminals have the rights to live ands dey is really pretty asides iffins we kills dem all thens they cant makes mores of them to repopulates da animals kingdom ands I thinks thats importants because we need animals its alla parts of the circle of lifes I thinks we need animals and they need stuffs to, so savin dem is jus logicals.  Alots of animals is parts of helping us too some them help with medicines and some helps with food  and some helps with other stuffs so we need them, one of them endangered species helps with the medicine for heart disease patients.

Friday, August 27, 2010

People that take advantage of others

I think that people that take advantage of people are means, and need to finds whatever they is missing that makes em nice. People get hurt by being taken advantage of, and alot of people do it either meaning to or nots. I thinks sometimes you dont mean to but it happens, but its still mean and you can lose friends dats way. I also thinks that sometimes people do n do for others and they dont get treated the same way in returns ands so thats hows they get hurts and its jus yucky and it brings a yuckie feeling all arounds.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If I coulds have any super power

If I can has any super power it would be... hmm finks... and den finks some more.. I thinks id like da power to fly.. acuz den you can get anyware really fast, and you wouldnt ever hasta waits in lines or traffics or buses,or anything, you could jus go, likes anytimes. you would never bes gone more den a few minutes cus its like triple fast flying .. on the other hands maybe it would be cool to be able to minds control people or read them minds, cept i not sure i wanna know what peoples really thinks alot of the time  dats scary. i dunnos if this is five sentences acuz i wasnt counting but its good for nows rights...

Monday, August 23, 2010

August Means to me

The months of August means, school is starting. It means thats the leaves is gonna change colors to all pretty stuff, and then we getta go leaf jumpins. It means mommy makes us puts away alla da summer clothes and her says its ways to colds to wares shorts. I think it means dats its only three months tell christmas! It's also means mommy n daddy trys to makes us a schedules and bedtimes Yucks!