Monday, October 18, 2010

Im Bat girl....

Today I am batgirl.. I chose dis super hero acuz really mine brudders are batman and robin and I have to tag along wif dem but othr then that i has really cool  powers  I is trained in martial arts, and i has great detective  skills I  carries an assortment of Batgadgets such as Batarangs, smoke grenades, small explosives, grappling hooks and lines, and a Batcycle .. see if ya know me is it any wonder dats i was bat girl looks at alla da cool weapons i gets :D  sides  black and yellow and purple are da best colors and looks totally awesome.. so yahs I thinks thats batgirl is awesome but dunt tells mine brudders acuz they dont believe me.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Am I pessimistic or optimistic

That's a really good question because I thinks that Im a mix of both, theres sometimes im optimistic and sometimes im not for example, in school and stuff Im not im really nota school type of kid, but in sports and clubs and stuff I am.. so I gotta takes one wif da others. I also thinks i cants jus acide because sumatimes theres reasons to think stuff through logically and stuff, other times its good to has goals like when i grows ups i wanna be a syko dokta  and dats optimistic , acuz you gotta has gutz to dat .. Im not gonna acide wether or nots im one or the other I like mixin it up and bein different so ima walk the fence on this and jus be me

Monday, October 11, 2010

My halloween costume and why

Fer Halloween dis year I wanna bes sumfin gory n gross likes dis doctor wif insides showing and guts n bloods comins outs and mine face missin acuz its a cool costume ands its would scare peoples, it scares me... I thinks i wanna do this acuz its not a typical costume everyone spects girls to be all proper n stuffs, ands I likes to be differents, so I gonna makes mine costume different .  I knows mine brudders want me to go as sumfin else buts Im tryins to branch outs giggles .

Friday, October 8, 2010

The animal im choosing and why

I am gonna learns about da koala bear, acuz its likes  mix atween all sorta animals and they soo cute ands I really likes dem it will be funs to knows mores bouts dems I finks asides frum a whites tiger dems is mine favorite animals evers. I  likes hows dey stick out thier tongues alots and they all fuzzzy wif perky ears. I dunno what else to say so ill finish laters.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Why I chose Oceanside School

I chose oceanside acuz las year at HKE it was almost horrible, and people were means, and I gaved up school, plus mine mommy n daddy are the principals and I didn't wanna not go to da school dat they dunt runs, I love mine parents as teachers and principals ands parents, it was an easy choice for me  It mades school fun agains ,ands the clubs rock, theres cool teams ands theres lotsa  stuff that just makes its special, the people that go here rocks, and noones really means  cept at times everyone has bad days n stuffs ... I dunnos theres lotsa reasons whys I chose here.. Mine family and friends, mine parents, and mine teachers rocks I gues thats a good nuffs reason ( the pic is jus one i founds on the net its not associated wifs our school)  I like a school that keeps their promises, and doesnt put stuff off like waiting for over  five months to get a year book, and stuff shrugs. I know i not posta trash the other schools but its jus what I feels.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Once when I was frightened.. dis happened...

Once whens I was afraids, I don't gets afraids very offens buts  whens I do its usually a goods reason, anyways  We was explorins dis really dark scary sim ands when we got to this parts we walked by a skelton ins dis bowl thingy and when you walks by you it jumps outs at yous and tries to grabs you its super scary. Other times I mostly gets afraid acuz ub mine feelings, those are scary anyways ands usually mine afraid feelings jus end up being something stupid ands really not the case , so Im learnin jus to  ignores dem. I guessin dat eberyone gets afraids sumatimes, and really im afraids to even talks about what im afraid ub so I jus gonnas stop writins..

Monday, September 27, 2010

Whats I thinks bout Halloween

Halloween is a greats holiday its evil and scary and its fun, and plus you gets candys and stuffs. I thinks that its fun to do haunted houses ands scares yer friends  ands I thinks  that its fun to go trick or treatings ands  has partys. This year halloween is gonna be cools because  we is doin a dance recital for it, with songs alla bout Halloween.  I thinks its fun to dress ups in costumes  sumatimes and a change.. ands yah dat all i gotta say.