Monday, October 18, 2010

Im Bat girl....

Today I am batgirl.. I chose dis super hero acuz really mine brudders are batman and robin and I have to tag along wif dem but othr then that i has really cool  powers  I is trained in martial arts, and i has great detective  skills I  carries an assortment of Batgadgets such as Batarangs, smoke grenades, small explosives, grappling hooks and lines, and a Batcycle .. see if ya know me is it any wonder dats i was bat girl looks at alla da cool weapons i gets :D  sides  black and yellow and purple are da best colors and looks totally awesome.. so yahs I thinks thats batgirl is awesome but dunt tells mine brudders acuz they dont believe me.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Am I pessimistic or optimistic

That's a really good question because I thinks that Im a mix of both, theres sometimes im optimistic and sometimes im not for example, in school and stuff Im not im really nota school type of kid, but in sports and clubs and stuff I am.. so I gotta takes one wif da others. I also thinks i cants jus acide because sumatimes theres reasons to think stuff through logically and stuff, other times its good to has goals like when i grows ups i wanna be a syko dokta  and dats optimistic , acuz you gotta has gutz to dat .. Im not gonna acide wether or nots im one or the other I like mixin it up and bein different so ima walk the fence on this and jus be me

Monday, October 11, 2010

My halloween costume and why

Fer Halloween dis year I wanna bes sumfin gory n gross likes dis doctor wif insides showing and guts n bloods comins outs and mine face missin acuz its a cool costume ands its would scare peoples, it scares me... I thinks i wanna do this acuz its not a typical costume everyone spects girls to be all proper n stuffs, ands I likes to be differents, so I gonna makes mine costume different .  I knows mine brudders want me to go as sumfin else buts Im tryins to branch outs giggles .

Friday, October 8, 2010

The animal im choosing and why

I am gonna learns about da koala bear, acuz its likes  mix atween all sorta animals and they soo cute ands I really likes dem it will be funs to knows mores bouts dems I finks asides frum a whites tiger dems is mine favorite animals evers. I  likes hows dey stick out thier tongues alots and they all fuzzzy wif perky ears. I dunno what else to say so ill finish laters.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Why I chose Oceanside School

I chose oceanside acuz las year at HKE it was almost horrible, and people were means, and I gaved up school, plus mine mommy n daddy are the principals and I didn't wanna not go to da school dat they dunt runs, I love mine parents as teachers and principals ands parents, it was an easy choice for me  It mades school fun agains ,ands the clubs rock, theres cool teams ands theres lotsa  stuff that just makes its special, the people that go here rocks, and noones really means  cept at times everyone has bad days n stuffs ... I dunnos theres lotsa reasons whys I chose here.. Mine family and friends, mine parents, and mine teachers rocks I gues thats a good nuffs reason ( the pic is jus one i founds on the net its not associated wifs our school)  I like a school that keeps their promises, and doesnt put stuff off like waiting for over  five months to get a year book, and stuff shrugs. I know i not posta trash the other schools but its jus what I feels.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Once when I was frightened.. dis happened...

Once whens I was afraids, I don't gets afraids very offens buts  whens I do its usually a goods reason, anyways  We was explorins dis really dark scary sim ands when we got to this parts we walked by a skelton ins dis bowl thingy and when you walks by you it jumps outs at yous and tries to grabs you its super scary. Other times I mostly gets afraid acuz ub mine feelings, those are scary anyways ands usually mine afraid feelings jus end up being something stupid ands really not the case , so Im learnin jus to  ignores dem. I guessin dat eberyone gets afraids sumatimes, and really im afraids to even talks about what im afraid ub so I jus gonnas stop writins..

Monday, September 27, 2010

Whats I thinks bout Halloween

Halloween is a greats holiday its evil and scary and its fun, and plus you gets candys and stuffs. I thinks that its fun to do haunted houses ands scares yer friends  ands I thinks  that its fun to go trick or treatings ands  has partys. This year halloween is gonna be cools because  we is doin a dance recital for it, with songs alla bout Halloween.  I thinks its fun to dress ups in costumes  sumatimes and a change.. ands yah dat all i gotta say.

Monday, September 20, 2010

whats ive learned so fars

I thinks I  learned alots dis las terms  I learned dat you hasta trys more dens you thinks to pass dis class acuz theres alot of works in dis class buts its always funs. I learneds dat you realllllllllly loves spellings too much. I learned dats people loves havins funs in dis class which really cool. I learneds dat cookies is da most important food cept I already knowed dat reallys.. but I jus hads mine spicions convinced nods n nods.

Friday, September 17, 2010

If cows gived rootbeer insteada milk

If cows gived rootbeer insteada milk, it might makes cereal taste funnys, but it would be so much better because rootbeer is so yummmy, I thinks we would have lots more rootbeer floats because rootbeer would be delivered to the house :D I also finks dat it would be really cool because cookies n rootbeer together would rock, and we would have everything tasting like rootbeer.  I think people would have funs too because  rootbeer just makes you feel good. But i think maybe cows would be dark brown and blow bubbles acuz its its fuzzy and the bubbles tickles .

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

falls is awesome acuz

Fall Is awesome acuz theres lotsa cool stuff .. football starts ands its means its almost times for Halloweens which is the best holiday acuz you gets candy and lotsa it. It means its even closer to chrismas which is almost better then Halloween. I thinks that the leaves changing colors is awesome and pumpkin hunting.  Leaves on the ground that you rakes ups and jumps into thats funs too . I likes falls too acuz thats when the egg nog comes out fer chrismas season nods. Ummm I think theres bad stuff bout fall too though, likes its gets cold, and allergies come ups ands the skies start getting grey alot mores buts I fink falls is a  mixed up season.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ifs I was a mouse in mine house mine family woulds ....

Iffins I was a mouse in mine house mine family would be doins crazy stuffs, acuz deres you always has sumfin funs happenins , I finks dat I would sneaks into mine sissers room acuz she kinna cools, ands maybes it would scares hers, I gotta be carefuls notta get seen though acuz mines  mommy is fraids of mice. Buts dens I woulds makes sures i go on a school nights so dat I can sneaks da crumbs of da lunches mommy makes :p Then I woulds watch dem dus alla dems homeworks and eats dinner den its family times.. Id makes sures i sneaked outs afore bath time though ickkk.. dens I would watch acuz sumatimes they comes up wif crazy ideas likes scary stories or motorcycle racins, I thinks i mights see mine bubby aiyden slaps people acuz hims likes doin thats. ya never knows wats you see inm mines house.

September Reminds me of ...

September reminds me of the twin towers and whens they falled, because it happened thens, buts also because deres lotsa families dat september is a sad months for.  September also reminds me of mine nanna nows hers an angel in heaven. Its mine birthday month too so its goods and bads giggles. I finks its a good month to starts fall n gettin ready for halloweens and pumpkins n stuffs.  I dunnos what else it reminds me of jus stuffs, like the leaves changin colors that makes it pretty but it also means no more swimming and stuffs.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What would happen if children ruled the world

If children ruled the world it would be the best because they wouldnt haves stupid rules likes no putting elbows on the  table who came up wif dat rule anyways... But if kids ruled it would be fun picnics and bike riding and swinging and dancing and cookies and candy all the time. You wouldnt have any time to break laws or  hurt people because you would just have funs. There might be school but it would be about stuff kids wanna learn not that they hasta learns. I think maybe there would be a rule that says you only hasta take one bath a year or if you gets really stinky they can jus hose you down in da  towns square ... You wouldnt have to eat icky vegetables , and you wouldnt have to brush your teeth alla times. I thinks that there wouldnt be child abuse or hatred acuz kids mostly gets along all in all it would be pretty cool

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The qualitys of mine life ...

Mine quality of lifes is awesome.. I has the best family and most awesomest friends evers deres never really a boring moments, and always sumones to makes me laffs, ands sumfins fun to dus, evens if its jus sittins rounds talkins its all worths it, sometimes its really busy thoughs and I ends ups missin mine familys and friends, ands sometimes its jus hards to finds to connects,  buts no matter whats i knows i am loveds ands  I loves dems.  Sometimes whens you feel lost alots likes i do lately dey is always theres to brings me homes ands stuffs . Ands sumetimes eben mores when deres lotsa changes n i gets scared but not tells anyone its nice habins everyones arounds :D  I thinks mine family is onna the biggest parts of makin mine quality of life so awesomes you gotta apends on people alots i thinks and theys is really goods at thats... I puts pics of  thems acuz I loves dems .. and they all means more to me then they eber knos.
the next parts of mine awesome lifes is mine friends wifout them i wouldn't knows what to do and even though im finding that mine circle of friends is changing contstantly and theres nots lots I can dus about its, im always wantins to makes more friends and even acuz im really shy its hards for me buts its worths it friends can talks to you bout stuffs you cants talks to anyone else abouts, ebens your familys ands mines is so funs to be wifs evens whens we is bored we cans come up wif crazy ideas and stuffs that we might evens get in troubles for but who betters to get in trouble wif den your friends?? Oh i means we is goods alla times  :D  this is a pics mine god mommy tooks backs in da summer no matter whats friends makes any quality of lifes better.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If I could bes any animal ...

Iffins I could be any animals I woulds be a white tiger acuz they is pretty, and they are toughs, well they look gentles ons da outside dey is toughs, and can be mean iffins they provokeds.  They have blue eyes, pink nose, and creamy white fur covered with stripes of a chocolate color. They is really rare, like differents. They also lives a long times likes 20 years in cat years which I finks is a long times. specially since cats has 9 lives or sumfings. I also thinks dat dey is special , so dat jus makes me likes dem ands I thinks dats why i would wanna bes a white

Monday, August 30, 2010

Why we should save endangered species

 I thinks we should help save the endangered species because all aminals have the rights to live ands dey is really pretty asides iffins we kills dem all thens they cant makes mores of them to repopulates da animals kingdom ands I thinks thats importants because we need animals its alla parts of the circle of lifes I thinks we need animals and they need stuffs to, so savin dem is jus logicals.  Alots of animals is parts of helping us too some them help with medicines and some helps with food  and some helps with other stuffs so we need them, one of them endangered species helps with the medicine for heart disease patients.

Friday, August 27, 2010

People that take advantage of others

I think that people that take advantage of people are means, and need to finds whatever they is missing that makes em nice. People get hurt by being taken advantage of, and alot of people do it either meaning to or nots. I thinks sometimes you dont mean to but it happens, but its still mean and you can lose friends dats way. I also thinks that sometimes people do n do for others and they dont get treated the same way in returns ands so thats hows they get hurts and its jus yucky and it brings a yuckie feeling all arounds.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If I coulds have any super power

If I can has any super power it would be... hmm finks... and den finks some more.. I thinks id like da power to fly.. acuz den you can get anyware really fast, and you wouldnt ever hasta waits in lines or traffics or buses,or anything, you could jus go, likes anytimes. you would never bes gone more den a few minutes cus its like triple fast flying .. on the other hands maybe it would be cool to be able to minds control people or read them minds, cept i not sure i wanna know what peoples really thinks alot of the time  dats scary. i dunnos if this is five sentences acuz i wasnt counting but its good for nows rights...

Monday, August 23, 2010

August Means to me

The months of August means, school is starting. It means thats the leaves is gonna change colors to all pretty stuff, and then we getta go leaf jumpins. It means mommy makes us puts away alla da summer clothes and her says its ways to colds to wares shorts. I think it means dats its only three months tell christmas! It's also means mommy n daddy trys to makes us a schedules and bedtimes Yucks!