Wednesday, September 15, 2010

falls is awesome acuz

Fall Is awesome acuz theres lotsa cool stuff .. football starts ands its means its almost times for Halloweens which is the best holiday acuz you gets candy and lotsa it. It means its even closer to chrismas which is almost better then Halloween. I thinks that the leaves changing colors is awesome and pumpkin hunting.  Leaves on the ground that you rakes ups and jumps into thats funs too . I likes falls too acuz thats when the egg nog comes out fer chrismas season nods. Ummm I think theres bad stuff bout fall too though, likes its gets cold, and allergies come ups ands the skies start getting grey alot mores buts I fink falls is a  mixed up season.

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  1. oooo i love egg nog mmm it's one of my favs for the holiday season and my favorite pie is pumpkin! great journal entry. : )