Saturday, September 4, 2010

The qualitys of mine life ...

Mine quality of lifes is awesome.. I has the best family and most awesomest friends evers deres never really a boring moments, and always sumones to makes me laffs, ands sumfins fun to dus, evens if its jus sittins rounds talkins its all worths it, sometimes its really busy thoughs and I ends ups missin mine familys and friends, ands sometimes its jus hards to finds to connects,  buts no matter whats i knows i am loveds ands  I loves dems.  Sometimes whens you feel lost alots likes i do lately dey is always theres to brings me homes ands stuffs . Ands sumetimes eben mores when deres lotsa changes n i gets scared but not tells anyone its nice habins everyones arounds :D  I thinks mine family is onna the biggest parts of makin mine quality of life so awesomes you gotta apends on people alots i thinks and theys is really goods at thats... I puts pics of  thems acuz I loves dems .. and they all means more to me then they eber knos.
the next parts of mine awesome lifes is mine friends wifout them i wouldn't knows what to do and even though im finding that mine circle of friends is changing contstantly and theres nots lots I can dus about its, im always wantins to makes more friends and even acuz im really shy its hards for me buts its worths it friends can talks to you bout stuffs you cants talks to anyone else abouts, ebens your familys ands mines is so funs to be wifs evens whens we is bored we cans come up wif crazy ideas and stuffs that we might evens get in troubles for but who betters to get in trouble wif den your friends?? Oh i means we is goods alla times  :D  this is a pics mine god mommy tooks backs in da summer no matter whats friends makes any quality of lifes better.

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