Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What would happen if children ruled the world

If children ruled the world it would be the best because they wouldnt haves stupid rules likes no putting elbows on the  table who came up wif dat rule anyways... But if kids ruled it would be fun picnics and bike riding and swinging and dancing and cookies and candy all the time. You wouldnt have any time to break laws or  hurt people because you would just have funs. There might be school but it would be about stuff kids wanna learn not that they hasta learns. I think maybe there would be a rule that says you only hasta take one bath a year or if you gets really stinky they can jus hose you down in da  towns square ... You wouldnt have to eat icky vegetables , and you wouldnt have to brush your teeth alla times. I thinks that there wouldnt be child abuse or hatred acuz kids mostly gets along all in all it would be pretty cool

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