Monday, September 13, 2010

Ifs I was a mouse in mine house mine family woulds ....

Iffins I was a mouse in mine house mine family would be doins crazy stuffs, acuz deres you always has sumfin funs happenins , I finks dat I would sneaks into mine sissers room acuz she kinna cools, ands maybes it would scares hers, I gotta be carefuls notta get seen though acuz mines  mommy is fraids of mice. Buts dens I woulds makes sures i go on a school nights so dat I can sneaks da crumbs of da lunches mommy makes :p Then I woulds watch dem dus alla dems homeworks and eats dinner den its family times.. Id makes sures i sneaked outs afore bath time though ickkk.. dens I would watch acuz sumatimes they comes up wif crazy ideas likes scary stories or motorcycle racins, I thinks i mights see mine bubby aiyden slaps people acuz hims likes doin thats. ya never knows wats you see inm mines house.

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