Friday, October 1, 2010

Why I chose Oceanside School

I chose oceanside acuz las year at HKE it was almost horrible, and people were means, and I gaved up school, plus mine mommy n daddy are the principals and I didn't wanna not go to da school dat they dunt runs, I love mine parents as teachers and principals ands parents, it was an easy choice for me  It mades school fun agains ,ands the clubs rock, theres cool teams ands theres lotsa  stuff that just makes its special, the people that go here rocks, and noones really means  cept at times everyone has bad days n stuffs ... I dunnos theres lotsa reasons whys I chose here.. Mine family and friends, mine parents, and mine teachers rocks I gues thats a good nuffs reason ( the pic is jus one i founds on the net its not associated wifs our school)  I like a school that keeps their promises, and doesnt put stuff off like waiting for over  five months to get a year book, and stuff shrugs. I know i not posta trash the other schools but its jus what I feels.

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